Library Foundation President Tom Lawyer presents the scholarship winners with a copy of Marcus Buckingham's Now Discover Your Strengths.

When the Library Foundation Board met at the West Las Vegas Library in January, President Tom Lawyer surprised the group by making a generous offer to fund a five-year program to give away five $1,000 scholarships to area youth who are graduating from high school and pursuing further educational goals. His motivation? His great respect for the deep community work being done by the West Las Vegas staff, including Leo Segura, Barbara Coleman, Jani Jeppe, Carol Chambers, Lisa Gibson, and former WLV staff Nancy Hutchinson and Felton Thomas.

Scholarship winners with Sponsors Tom and Bonnie Lawyer.

On May 10, Sophia Boykins, Hernan Felix, Juan Garcia, Shandrea N. Stampley and Kevin Wright received the first annual Tom and Bonnie Lawyer West Las Vegas Library Scholarship awards of $1,000 each. These students are well known to the West Las Vegas staff, as they have worked, volunteered or benefited from the many resources available to students and youth there. All awardees have demonstrated tenacity and responsibility in many areas: success in school, jobs to help support their families, a variety of school and community involvement projects, and strong ambitions for their future education.

NV Assemblyman Morse Arberry receives a commendation from Majority Leader Harry Reid, via Ida Gaines, in honor of his role in securing the state funding for the West Las Vegas Library Homework Help Center.

When asked to talk about how the West Las Vegas Library has helped them through the years, the responses ranged from pure awe over the amount of books available to inspirational experiences gained while working in a library that is the heart of the community. We congratulate these students and the staff of the library who are truly making a difference in their neighborhood.

Library District Trustee Verlia Davis-Hoggard received commendations for her vision, tenacity, and community spirit.